Stretch Serge Top

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Small) 28-30 waist

Medium) 32-34 waist

Large) 36-38 waist

Xl) 40-42 waist


 My favorite piece to date. This pant can be worn in so many silhouettes it’s endless. They are extremely fun to experiment with and you can rarely go wrong. They’re meant to be worn in neutral color outfits with the stretch top wrapped around the waist with a double knot to create a heavy drape effect and to flow when in motion. The 8 tiny cargo pockets on the pocket flap create a tactical look that can be worn alone just the same as in the set.


(Take a look at the size chart to make sure you choose your size correctly)


  • The garment fits true to size

The 12 pocket stretch pant consists of

  • raw edges
  • Antique brass Hardware
  • A pouch that comes out of the side seams of the pant and drapes over the crotch
  • Flap consists of 8 rounded cargo pockets sewn on
  • Flap sits just 2 inches below waist (higher than shown in many photos wearing the sample with too much drape)
  • 2 front side pockets hidden by pouch 
  • 2 1 snap cargo pockets on back
  • A true to size fit (refer to size chart)
  • The option for heavy distressing or none
  • Graphite 90% cotton 10% elastane 100% knitted cotton
  • If you choose the distressed option expect detailed distressing finished in Philadelphia by the designer liam yori and his assistant nick kreutzer 
  • Buy the matching set to create the intended silhouette with the stretch top wrapped around the waist of the 12 pocket stretch pants