Thermal Dress

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A garment that is so versatile, so warm, so punk. This piece is meant to be able to pull together the silhouette when the suit is worn together; but also stand alone in its own outfit in a number of different ways. It can be worn as a dress, or in any silhouette it can bring a new life, it can be worn alone with some jeans just the same. This is an essential winter piece that can also be worn all year round. 


(Take a look at the size chart to make sure you choose your size correctly, the item fits true to size but has a 17” extension at the waist to create a dress like effect

The thermal dress consists of

  • raw edges
  • The option for heavy distressing or none
  • 12 oz 100% cotton thermal fabric
  • 17” extension to create dress effect when layering
  • f you choose the distressed option expect detailed distressing finished in Philadelphia by the designer liam yori and his assistant nick kreutzer 
  • Raw serge down center of shirt